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High quality audio - without the inconvenience of cables

Supreme-Engineered Audio

No matter your environment, Beatbuds X1 will add vibrant, powerful audio to your day with the premium audio experience they deliver.
With Beatbuds X1's enhanced audio and noise reducing technology, you will be fully immersed in your favorite songs.

  • Strategically designed vents for the ultimate sound clarity
  • Re-engineered design to minimize sound loss while ensuring optimal sound output
  • True stereo speakers for a wider, more balanced sound stage in exceptional quality

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1 Easy to use

Beatbuds X1 are so simple to use, you’ll be listening to your favorite music within seconds of unpacking them.

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2 Recharchable case

Your case holds 18 hours of charge that will have you back listening to your favorite song in no time.

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Always aware how much battery you have


Elevate Your Audio Experience With BeatBuds X1

Experience Ultimate Audio Clarity On The Go

With a Bluetooth range of up to 33 feet, you can benefit from having your music more accessible than ever. Their compact build allows you to take them with you wherever you go.

No matter where you are, you can listen to your favourite music without disruption.

Easily Connect To Your Music

Beatbuds X1 were designed to allow any device to connect to them. Whether you have an Iphone, Android, Tablet or Laptop, you’ll benefit from the simple one-touch technology that enables you to easily control your connected device.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

With over 4 hours of music/talk time, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery while listening to your music. Even if you do, your portable BeatBuds X1 case holds 18 hours of charge that will have you back listening to your favorite song in no time.

Customer Reviews

Daisy M.

With my BeatBuds X1 I can now listen to music while working at home, when going for my run and to listen to all my podcasts. Having no wires and more than a day of battery with the case really makes a difference! Highly recommend Beatbuds X1 to anyone.

Jack S.

The audio quality of BeatBuds X1 is really good, and they are so cheap to pick up. As an audiophile, I was happily surprised when testing them out. Delivery was nice and quick, great set of earbuds overall. 5 stars for BeatBuds XI!

Beth L.

After my A-brand earbuds broke and I had to get them fixed for over $100 (again), I wanted to try a different brand. After months of use, I'm completely in love with my BeatBuds X1! Zero issues, great battery life, amazing sounds quality. Thanks Beatbuds X1!


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